The name CÄLLA (pronounced ‘kah-la') is inspired from the flower ZantedeschiaAethiopica, or more commonly known as ‘Calla Lily’. The uniqueness and elegance of the flower is our main source of inspiration. It is our desire to replicate its essences through our design and style. Simplicity which embodies elegance is our definition of a strong and feminine woman.

The Founders 

Olivia Lazuardy is a personal style blogger & fashion influencer from Indonesia. She began her blogging career from 2013 and is recognise for her feminine & elegant style. Olivia Lazuardy shares her style to the world through mesmerizing pictures, videos and blogs. And through CÄLLA, she wishes to share her touch of character, style and fashion to the whole world.

Krishandi Hartanto graduated from one of the biggest fashion powerhouse in Europe, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. His talent, creativity and meticulous attention to details accredited him the top student award upon graduation. Kris was featured in September 2012 issue of Vouge Italia and had since created several of his own brands and designs.

Olivia & Kris realised that there wasn’t a strong feminine brand which is simple and effortless. In 2015, they decided to join their expertise and passion to create the brand, CÄLLA.